Emperial.sg new start!


We are now a community of Gamers from Asia and SEA, with an intention to gather players from these regions to play together.

New Services

This Community site has been redesigned to provide
services to make your gaming experience a better one.


You now have the ability to post to the community site. Whether it’s a question, hype, or forming a guild to play a game together. All these without the need of a forum.


When you post to this community site, it will also publish to our Facebook page. You can also share your post either from this site or from our facebook.


You can join our network or simply just advertise your Twitch channel in this community. Emperial wishes your channel a success.


You now also have the ability to sell your game accounts, in-game resources, leveling services, and game related products. Please see details here.


Introducing Reward System for participating in this communtiy site. This is still an experimental project for us, but you can still check for details here.


Our community store, Gamify.sg  will be launching soon. Discover gaming peripherals and toys. Your account here will work in gamify.sg so there is no need to recreate.


what does it mean to be in a community?

No Dramas. Teamwork. Just pure good fun!

Games we are playing now

Besides Blade & Soul Taiwan, many of us are playing other games. Find a game and join the community by an invite to our discord.

Let’s Start Something new
Say Hello!

Looking for players to play together? Have a game that is highly anticipated and wishes to create hype? Start a Guild? Showcase your artwork? Talk to us what you want to see featured in this Community.

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