Guide to play lostark

1st Most Important Step – VPN

The 2 best well-known VPN service that worked with lostark server in Korean are namely;
ExitLag and Mudfish.

I will be only be covering Mudfish as I have an account previously for various games. In fact I spent USD $4.99 4 years ago and I still had balance left.

Pre-Download the Files while you read the guide

Setup Full VPN Mode

Program ->Full VPN -> Search -> Save
Under “Search” find the flattest graph.

Selecting a Node

Scroll down -> Nodes -> magnifying glass

Node <-> Dest.Server only

Best Nodes differs from your location
Sort the list:

1) Lowest score

2) No heavy system load (0/0/0 preferred)

3) Flat RTT Graph (lesser spikes are better)

2nd Step – Keep Mudfish Connected Install Stove


The worst thing that can happen to your account, is the Smilegate knowing you are not from Korean hence triggering mobile RE-Verification. If you realized I have not share where to buy an account at this point. After Step 3, when the Game is fully installed and connected to Korean IP thru Mudfish, we will purchase an account.

3rd Step – Launch Stove and start a small download


You should see LostArk on the left Panel.
If you don’t this means you are not connected to Korea’s IP!
The idea is to start the download from launcher to initiate the folder creation. And then cut connection and close Stove completely. You would then overwrite the Lostark folder with what you have downloaded earlier.

Setup Stove

Make sure your Mudfish Connection is on.

Initial a short download

Remember the idea is to overwrite the game folder “Lostark” with the pre-download. This will save your quota on Mudfish a whopping 23GB.

4th Step – Buy an account from Seagm


Keeping Mudfish disconnected when accessing to the link to Seagm. Seagm employs IP blocking for certain countries.

Final Step – Test your Verified account

You will change your Password immediately after logging in. Please ensure you remember your password. The forgot password feature will send a link to an email address protected by another password that was not given to you. If you lose your password you will forever lose the account!

If you have access to Korean Mobile card or Pre-paid Korean SIM card. You can actually verify the account using that number. So Seagm is not the only way.

We will login with the purchased account to test its legitimacy, if it doesn’t work you can get in touch with Seagm support to exchange a new one within 24 hours.


I like to point out you can buy mobile-verified accounts from other sites. But seagm is by far the cheapest working one as of date.

Change your password

Remember it! If you forgotten you will lose the account forever!


Enjoy the Game!

Other Resources:

Lost Ark Community Discord  English Patch -> #patch-announcements

Emperial’s Discord




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