Happy New Year 2017 – Emperial.sg moving forward

Dear Community,

EMPERIAL started in the early days of Aion by only a group of 3 and had since moved as a growing guild from game to game. One thing that we have learnt about ourselves: “MMO is in the spirit”.

We have been playing Blade & Soul in China Server as well as Taiwan; the latter for 2 years now since it started.  Emperial.sg was started by the management within EMPERIAL, spear-headed headed by AvengerX, to gather the South East Asian community to play in Taiwan server due to unmatch ping, affordability and advance content released compared to NA. This was done by our own guildies, in conjunction with forum.emperial.sg, Project EMP and Translation of Database  for Blade & Soul Taiwan. However, many have a hard time with the Chinese language as most of us are educated in English although we are Chinese ethnically. With that said, our guild also had non-Chinese speaking friends in our region.

Emperial.sg was conceptualized and created back on 1st January 2015 with translation patch in mind to help all non-Chinese speaking friends and players play this game. I, on behalf of the whole of EMPERIAL, will personally like to thank everyone who had put in the sweat, blood and some tears into making this all possible.

We soon realize the growth beyond our guild, and we started to branch outwardly of South East Asia and Australia. And hence forum.emperial.sg was started to actively engage players from all regions around the world, bringing everyone who are English speaking in the same server within Blade & Soul Taiwan. The translation of the Database was also initiated before Weapon path UI was released.

Both EMPERIAL and Emperial.sg grew beyond the limits and soon the Community was thriving actively with the demands for Ncoins. Hence, a deal with our supplier to support our friends and players with MyCard at the lowest price we can offer and not geared towards profits but toward sustainability so that all the resources created for this community will continue to persist.

2017 New Year’s Resolution for EMPERIAL and Emperial.sg

In every game, there are going to be that few online identities that is going to destroy, provoke or create chaos in the fun you are try to have.

EMPERIAL had seen our far share and we would say we have met a minority few ourselves.  is for everyone to maintain the best possible reputation for yourself. We had built these success stories as a guild and as a community together, so that in every game the players are going to have readily resources to help you along in the future.


On behalf of everyone from EMPERIAL and Emperial.sg with lots of love, AVENGERX

I have recently become a father of a son. But I will continue to offer English Translation to Blade & Soul Taiwan in a natural translation style that I have adopted ever since. (How do you even pronounce Khanda Vihar and what does it even mean?) Project EMP will live on in 2017, and will continue to be no frills XML.dat without a crappy launcher. What’s more, certain content in NA have different set of numbers when compared to Taiwan server – such as skill buff, item and clan buff percentages. All these will be QC by our translation team as well as you the community who offer to screenshot bugs and incorrect translation on our forums. I thank you.


The heart of community lies in here, nope. I am not trying to complete with Reddit or other timeless forums out there. But the community is created for you and will exist for you, only, if you contribute back. My wish for everyone in this community is to share or participate in discussions in any Games you play. The community can only grow if it is you exchanging information.


We recently change a new website host, and during the transition. Ivorymoon weapon replaced weapon progression before Black / White Soul. As such I did not port the Database back online and will re-translate the Database reflecting this new information. Please be patient with me.

Lastly, many in the community were asking about our stock status. To skip the technicalities, due to Trans-Pan Pacific issue in our region, the exchange has severely impacted all currencies making it difficult for most businesses. Our supplier is working towards bringing back MyCard back to everyone thru http://Emperial.sg/mycard . Once the stock is back regionally we will announce it.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ufyEQOs2nE[/embedyt]

Black Desert Online

If you have followed Halycon’s ( Emperial’s Guild Leader) postings, you would have noticed that Emperial will embark on a 2nd MMO together as a community. I myself have gotten the founders pack and will be in the game as well. This does not mean I will not pay much attention to Blade & Soul, my commitment for Project EMP will continue.

Many in the community have asked, “is Black Desert Online Pay-to-Win?”

We have transverse the content in Japanese server, I can say, the game is Pay Once-to- Play / Buy-to-Play. You need to purchase a “package” and you can play the game.

Sure there is cash shop available, those are premium items, cosmetics and added functionalities that will boost your gameplay. But I once told a Guildee in Blade & Soul Taiwan – ” Free-to-play has not wrong ” You can enjoy the game without participating in cash shop and this is a solid statement (unless you are tempted) *grins

Black Desert Online is a huge game! You have more things to do and at this point of saying, there is definitely quite low possibility to max out every single content available to you. Check out the forum posts : http://forum.emperial.sg/c/black-desert-online

Even I have a very hard time to really transverse the content, there is really alot to do, even if you game 24/7.

What Halycon is trying to achieve is to recruit 100 players into the guild, I believe currently we are the First Foreign Guild in Taiwan Server. We wanted to do this because there was a declaration of a First-Fully-Formed Taiwanese Guild of 100 members and they are prepared for Node Wars. If you are from SEA, do take part in applying into the Guild.

Black Desert Online for Taiwan has hints they will port over the English Translation from NA official, as they have dubbed themselves to be the International Server in Taiwan. This server is hosted by Pearl Abyss , the developer themselves.

Aeyko who will be in-charge of the English Translation Patch has already released the English Patch. So if your concern is about English translation, Emperial has got you covered.

Black Desert Giveaway

Emperial will hold an event to giveaway in near future, the details are yet to be released but the giveaway will include:

Friend Passes (7 days) + Founder Packs (woth NT$2499)

We hope you be interested in Joining us in Taiwan Server in rival against competitive Guilds. If you want to know more of Black Desert Online go watch some youtube, here is a good source: https://www.youtube.com/user/BlackDesertOnline (as I pointed earlier, it is just too much to write.)

Signing out and Happy New Year!

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