Blade & Soul: Xmas Party

How to get Snowflake Orb

  • Quest [Frozen Shooting Range]
    • 2 from completing the daily quest
    • 1~7 from the reward box
    • Random drop from treasure box
  • 2 from Daily Challenge

How to get quest

  • Quest is located in Jadestone Village.
  • Quest is available to characters level 16 and above only.
  • Enter the dungeon

Click below on how to play

List of items from Snowflake Socks (reward box) and Exchangeable in Dragon Express

Nebula Stones are materials discount for upgrading your epic grade weapon all the way to legendary grade Black/White Soul weapon. (check out the Transmute function)

There are 3 types of Nebula Stone

  • Normal (for epic grade weapon)
  • Black (for Black Soul weapon)
  • White (for White Soul weapon)

Do check out the Transmute function!

Attack buffs are available in 6-man mode in the following dungeons

Attack +20% and Damage Reduction by 50%

  • Snow Jade Palace
  • Sunken Pirate Ship
  • Forgotten Tomb
  • Dark Dragon Citadel
  • Hell Furnace
  • Naryu Sanctum


Claim 1 Frozen Shooting Range Reset Stones for FREE everyday. Exclusive to VIP membership holders only.