1. Halloween Party! event ends.
2. Dragon King’s Treasure event ends.
3. Harvest Festival event starts.


1. 4/6 man [Automation Research Center].
2. Increased 4/6 man [Sunken Pirate Ship, Hell Blast Furnace, Naryu Sanctum] drop rate for [Taikhan Husk], [Heatwave Orb] and [Aman Ring].
3. Increased [Naryu Tablet] drop rate.


1. 2nd Anniversary [Encouragement] buff
. Combat EXP +100%
. Daily Quest EXP +50%
. Crafting EXP +100%


1. [Automaton Research Center] related achievements.
2. Removed portion of existing achievements. (and points if you have completed).
. Jade Dragon Plate Collector: 15 pts
. Cinderlands Plate Collector: 15 pts
3. Adjustments to Doctor’s Orders achievement.


1. [Automaton Research Center] related quests.
. (Side Quest) Red Imperial Army’s research center.
. (Daily Quest) Sound of the Splitting Wind.
. (Daily Quest) Dynamic Technician’s Expectation.
. (Field Quest) Truth of the Automaton Research Center.
2. Removed event related rewards from Arena PVP.


1. New legendary weapon (Time Space/Blue Sky), legendary accessories (Destiny (Ring)/Immortal (Earring), Obsidian Gem.
2. Raven and Dragon God legendaries upgradeable to Stage 9.
3. Added [Void Fragment] and [Locked Hwang Yumpo weapon box] into Heavenly Basin Pouch.
4. Two items now able to sell and destroy.
. Hongmen Secret Technique Fan.
. Hastily Scribbled Hongmen Secret Technique.


1. NPCs in Heavenly Basin now have a chance to drop [Void Fragment].
2. Added two costumes achievement vendor.
3. Added [(Attack) Brilliant Heptagonal Obsidian] gem to Heavenly Basin general merchant.
4. Added [Void Fragment] to Peach exchange merchant.
5. Added new exchangeable items to Ice Warehouse exchange merchant.
. Research Director’s Key: 10 gold and 25 Freezing Orb.
. Old Secret Key: 10 gold and 25 Freezing Orb.
. Bulky Key: 10 gold and 25 Freezing Orb.
. Curlicue Key: 10 gold and 25 Freezing Orb.
. Broken Glass Bead Key: 10 gold and 25 Freezing Orb.
6. Added [Storm Fragment] to Zen Bean exchange merchant.

[Dragon Express]

1. Removed [Heavenly Peach] and [Tiger Teeth].
2. Added [Frog Coin], [Seed of Trust], [Autumn Leaves] and [Dazzling Fabric].


1. Added [戎鐵衣、志氣、新日、迎月、一輪滿月、明朗、閃光魅力、老闆娘、如花、雲想、密令、紅焰、溫暖氣息、鬥志、小公主、小王子、奔放雄姿、奔放艷姿、黑色祕密、紅色祕密、朱紅熾衣、金斧髮箍、銅斧髮箍、青銅戰士].

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