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Debut of the Invincible Iron Fists

2016.11.16. wed Update

The ground of “Gunwon City” revealed ants cave-like on the surface, after Gunwon City emerged. These caves were once linked to Naryu Kingdom, but later occupied by the Red Imperial Army, and has become one of their many strongholds.


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Automaton Research Center Entry Requirements

Quest : After Completing Act VII Epic Quest – complete Red Imperial Army Research Center quest

Minimum Level : Level 50 and above

Minimum Weapon Requirements : True Scorpio


Research Center (Left)

The Red Imperial Army used the place to research Biological with Machinery integration. The Research Center is safeguarded to protect experimental bodies that are being formed in large glass test tubes.


Power Plant (Right)

Supplying power to the Research Center, but also a source for BOSS Battle to take place in a battlefield filled with small and large kind of Soulstones. The power plant is attached to a large device.

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Steel Giant (right)

Guarding the inner section of the Research Center, the Ogong was successfully integrated with machinery by the Red Imperial Army

Arcana (left)

The Chief Engineer of Red Imperial Army’s Automation Research Center (ARC). Equipped with soulstone absorbing Machinery Gauntlets. Arcana is ARC’s final KFM Boss.


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