1. Harvest Festival ends.
  2. Treasure Trove starts.
  3. Xmas Party starts.



  1. New Beluga Lagoon released.



  1. Removed [Encouragement] buffs.
  2. Added Beluga Lagoon and Guild Battles ranking system.
  3. Removed Hell Island.
  4. Removed all Hell Island related guild crafting.
  5. Added new VIP Perks; 10% increase Zen Bean/Battle Point/Heavenly Peach



  1. Added Beluga Lagoon related achievements.



  1. Added [Storm Fragment] to various Battleground quests.
  2. Daily Challenge’s [One Whirlwind Victory] to [One Beluga Victory].



  1. Added new items to Battleground Exchange Merchant.
  2. Increased various NPC drop rate for [Silverfrost Refining Stone].
  3. Removed [Sparkling Whirlwind Treasure], Added [Sparkling Battleground Treasure]: 1000 Battle Points.
  4. NPCs in Christmas outfits.



  1. New weapon skin system. (you can get back the weapon skin you applied back. remember to remove the existing skin before applying a new one to prevent lost)
  2. New pet appearance separation system.
  3. New King Stage 1~6  PVP weapon.
  4. Added new guild costume; Pirates Outfit and Hat.
  5. Various dungeons drops elemental accessories
    .Forgotten Tomb: Lord of the Flame Necklace/Earring/Ring
    .Dark Dragon Citadel: Zakhan Necklace/Earring/Ring
    .Hell Furnace: Arcrimor Necklace/Earring/Ring
    .Naryu Sanctum: Aman Necklace
    .Automaton Research Center: Yoong Chulgwon Earring
  6. Reduced Black/White Soul Weapon Stage 1~12 and Longhu Stage 1~12 amount of materials needed.
  7. Black/White Soul Stage 2 to 3, now requires Shura/Lamented Weapon instead.
  8. Longhu 9 to 10 now requires Twisted Weapon instead.
  9. Added [Snowflake Orb] Daily Challenge rewards.
  10. 2nd Anniversary Treasure Pot now unusable.
  11. Reduced the amount of Valor Stones needed for exchanging.
  12. Removed [Froggie Coin].
  13. Adjusted rewards for some main story quests.
  14. Changed icon for Soul/Mystic Badges.
  15. Divine Dragon Weapon no longer requires faction or valor stones.
  16. Increased drop rate for [Silverfrost Refining Stone].
  17. Simplified weapon tree.



  1. Added [Black/White Soul Weapon Stage 1 Box], [Black/White Soul Nebula Stone].


[Dragon Express]

  1. Added [Snowflake Orb], [Training Medal], [Luxurious Cloth] exchange list.
  2. Removed 3 sets of old exchange list.
  3. Added Unrefined Guardian Stones exchange.
    .Cost 3 Guardian Spirit Enhancement Stone + 10 gold
  4. Removed [Legendary Orb].
  5. Added [Black/White Soul Stone].
    .Cost 200 Silverfrost Refining Stone
    .Cost 1 Silverfrost Premium Transformation Stone



  1. [ “武士”、”武士頭盔”、”武士蒙面”、”夥伴”、”夢之國度”、”夢之國度帽”、”綾羅香”、”千日之約”、”劍聖”、”聖夜降臨”、”聖誕的祝福”、”聖夜天使喵”、”聖夜天使喵裝飾”、”聖夜天使喵帽”服裝道具可登錄於衣櫃。]
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