Blade & Soul: Ice Maiden’s Treasure

How to use the Treasure Trove

  1. Click on the Treasure Box icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Only available to characters level 36 and above.
  3. One free roll per day. After which, you will require a key to open.

How to use the Slot Expansion Scroll?

  1. The Treasure Box comes with 2 slots by default.
  2. 1 Slot Expansion Scroll unlocks one row, to a maximum of 8 slots.
  3. The more slots you have, the more chance you can get better items; take note, you can only pick 1 item out of the 8 slots.

*after the trove event ends, all slots will be reset.

How to use the Key?

  1. Can only be used during the trove event.
  2. Every time you open the treasure box, it will consume 1 key.
  3. If you did not get any items you want, you can reopen by using another key; the RNG gods says the more you open, the luckier you’ll get!!

*keys can only be used in this event and cannot be brought over to the next trove. be sure to use up before event ends.

A Trove Aiding Package will also be introduced to make sure you have enough gold to buy the items.

Below are some of the rare items you can get!!

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