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Beluga Lagoon is a new 6v6 PVP Battleground

Entrance Level: Lv50 HM1
How to enter: F8 Battleground Lobby

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How to Play?

  • Each team of 6 starts at each opposite ends.
  • Each team has 3 nodes each.
  • Horn spawns in the middle. (similar to Olympic torch)
  • Carry the horn back to your node to activate. (however, opposing team can steal your node)

Achieve 1 out 3 conditions to win

  • All 3 of your nodes are activated.
  • Reaches 1,800 points.
  • After 15 minutes time limit, Team with the higher score wins.

Horn Runner

  • Horn runners will have a set of skills. (Key 1, 2 and LMB)
  • Key 1: Movement speed buff
  • Key 2: Gain Immunity
  • LMB: Block
  • Horn will drop if you; press key 4; being cc’d; dead or time up.
  • Horn spawns 10 seconds later after the round begin.
  • Once the horn is taken, the counter will start and respawns at this intervals; 1m50s/2m20s/2m50s/4m30s.

Points System

  • Captured 1 node: 2 points per second
  • Captured 2 nodes: 6 points per second
  • Kill an enemy: 30 points
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Peak Hour PVP

  • Beluga Lagoon (Every Mon, Wed, Fri and Sun)
  • Whirlwind Valley (Every Tues, Thurs and Sat)
  • Starts from 20:00~22:00hrs

Peak Hour Farming

  • Floating Island (Every Mon, Wed, Fri and Sun)
  • Soulstone Plains (Every Tues, Thurs and Sat)
  • Starts from 19:00~00:00hrs for Mon~Fri
  • Starts from 12:00~00:00hrs for Sat~Sun
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Guild PVP

  • 6 players in the same guild can queue together to this 2 battlegrounds, Beluga Lagoon and Whirlwind Valley.
  • Every Tues and Sat from 20:00~22:00hrs ONLY.
  • Select “Guild Battle” to queue.
  • “Battleground Commander” is required to be in the party. By default, it’s the Guild Master but can be changed by pressing H using the Guild Menu)
  • There will be Guild Battles rewards.
  • There will be Guild Battles related achievements.
  • +200% extra Battle Points and there is also Guild Battles ranking.


Simplified Weapon Tree

  • Existing Weapon before any legendary grades will become antique items.
  • New simplified weapons will be introduced.
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