Server opens : 11th Jan 2017 11:00am for first wave of players

– Opened Calpheon region

– 4 Classes (Warrior,Sorceress,Giant,Ranger) and additional 3 classes (Tamer,Wizard,Witch) will be released during OBT


The following are the First Wave of Players eligible for login

First Wave
11th Jan 2017 (Wed)  11am
Players who bought the Luxurious Limited Edition Packages
Second Wave
18th Jan 2017 (Wed)  11am
Players who bought the Essential Edition Packages
Open Beta for All
25th Jan 2017 (Wed)  11am
Players who bought Basic Package or using Trial Passes (from owners of both Luxurious Limited Edition & Essential Edition Packages)


– Server Start: 11th Jan 2017, 11am onwards

– Maintenance Schedule: 18th and 25th Jan 2017

※ There may be unscheduled server downtime within operating hours
※ Time period of unscheduled downtime(s) will be officially announced on the BDO TW website.


Server Introduction

First Wave Players can login to any 9 servers on 11th Jan 2017

卡爾佩恩 1
Calpheon 1
巴雷諾斯 1
Balenos 1
賽林迪亞 1
Serendia 1
卡爾佩恩 2
Calpheon 2
巴雷諾斯 2
Balenos 2
賽林迪亞 2
Serendia 2
卡爾佩恩 3
Calpheon 3
巴雷諾斯 3
Balenos 3
賽林迪亞 3
Serendia 3

※ There might be changes to the server depending on conditions[/vc_column_text][thb_gap height=”80″][vc_column_text]

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