Dear friends, fans, and members of EMPERIAL! I’m delighted to announced that we will be hosting our very own Giveaway Event to thank you guys for the support all these while!

**Good news! We have decided to extent the registration period of the Giveaway by 2 more days till the 17 Jan 2017, GMT+8 6pm! So hurry up and fulfil the criteria for more chances! Registration will close at 6pm and Giveaway will be live streamed at 9pm.

Emperial.sg have come a long way since 2 years ago when we embarked on a lofty vision to unite MMO players together with us to play on Taiwanese servers. We knew that it was not going to be easy convincing players to play on a server with foreign looking words. Our rationale is simple. South-East Asia and Oceania’s English community have always been overlooked when it comes to MMO gaming, and we end up having to play on NA/EU servers with horrendous latency. We’ll never be competitive in PvP because of that 0.5 sec delay. Taiwanese server solves all of these problems. Singaporeans could play with 55-60ms latency, which is extremely playable except with the language limitation. Hence, Project EMP and Project Aeyko was started to provide in-game English translation to players. We have certainly come a long way, and hope that all of you could help us expand further![/vc_column_text][thb_gap height=”50″][thb_image full_width=”true” alignment=”center” image=”28335″][thb_gap height=”50″][vc_column_text]

GRAND Prize Draw

  • 1 X Luxurious Limited Edition Pack – worth NT$2499 (USD$80)

EMP Prize Draw

  • 2 X Essential Edition Pack – worth NT$999 (USD$32)

Winners Prize Draw

  • 5 X Basic Explorer Pack – worth NT$299 (USD$10)

Participation Prize Draw

  • 20 X 7-days Trial Passes

Special Prize Draw (only for customers of emperial.sg MyCard shop)

  • 2 X 1000 points MyCard (TW) to top-up A-coins


Rules of Participation

It’s a simple, 1 step process when you enter the lucky draw page. All the other options (facebook/instagram/twitch) will be available to help you earn additional entries to the lucky draw!

  • Submit your entries at the bottom of this page or on the Lucky Draw website [here]  
  • Like and follow our Facebook page 
  • Follow our Instagram
  • Follow our Twitch  as the Giveaway Event will be LIVE STREAMED on Sunday 15th Jan 2017 at 8pm GMT+8 Tuesday 17th Jan 2017 at 9pm GMT+8 by none other than Aeyko, creator of BDO TW English patch Project Aeyko!
  • Lastly, share the link to your friends and receive additional entries to the lucky draw!


Winning Criteria and Results (Announced by Live stream)

  • GRAND Prize and EMP Prize will be rolled and announced on LIVE STREAM. We will not be re-rolling, and we will contact the lucky winners via email or facebook.
  • Winners Prize will be rolled and announced as well. We will not be re-rolling, and we will contact the lucky winners via email or facebook.
  • Participation Prize will be rolled, if no one comes on to claim, a new name would be generated by the system until someone who is on the stream acknowledges the win
  • Special Prize will also be individually rolled and announced on LIVE STREAM, We will not be re-rolling, and we will contact the lucky winners via email or facebook. And will only be limited to existing emperial.sg MyCard customers.
  • Emperial.sg reserves all rights to amend, change or remove the terms set out in this post anytime without notice.


Lastly, I wish all of you the best of luck! All prizes will be given away. May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!

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