Black Desert Online: Client Download

Black Desert Online Taiwan has made their client launcher available for download on the 3rd of January 2017 at 5PM GMT+8.


CBT players do not need to download, just update if any. Starters Pack will also be available on the 11th of January 2017 for players who are interested. Once you purchased any of the packages, you will be able to immediately download and update the client.


Additionally, this will be a reminder for the OBT dates:

  1. Luxurious Limited Edition Pack: 11th January (2 weeks pre-access)
  2. Essential Edition: 18th January (1 week pre-access)
  3. Starters Pack: 25th January (Official Launch)

For players with the Guest Pass, you will able to use them during the Official Launch. Input your guest pass code in the link below.


Side Note:
Black Desert Online Taiwan is a buy-to-play game. You will need to at least purchase the Starters Pack. It will cost NT299 which sums up to about ~9USD or more.

Notable Replies

  1. Hi,
    Do i need to purchase the pack's to install the game? i did run the client launcher but the installation is not running... i know this game is B2P just to clarify this issue before i buy. Thanks :relaxed:

  2. For what it's worth, I was able to download the initial data files (60GB or so) before the 11th of Jan, when the first wave of the Open Beta began. (I bought the cheaper Beta Pack before that for $30++ USD.) However, I wasn't able to update the game with the patch that was released on the day the first wave of the Open Beta began (11th Jan).

    I suspect that they may have temporarily suspended access to the data files for anyone who doesn't have access to that section of the beta yet. In other words, second wave access should allow you to download all necessary files from the 18th of January onwards, and standard access / guest passes should allow you to download the files from the 25th of Janurary onwards.

    Not sure if you can download the data files if you haven't purchased any of the game packs / haven't registered yet.

  3. Yes soloblast is correct. Try it today for those with essential packs.

  4. I bought the 2nd package too (32usd) from 11-15/1 jan wasn't able to predownload the installation for black desert. Guesses have to wait , may I ask what server will guild play on ? As I remb correctly from emperial twitch should be balenos 1 am I correct ?

  5. You need to login to website.
    Download the launcher
    Then at launcher login again, in order to download and update the client.

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